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Published and Featured Work / Magazine and Web Editorials:
  • 2011- Interview and featured artworks on Willowing Mixed Media Community.
  • 2010- Featured Artworks on Cool Pictures Gallery.us
  • 2010- Featured Artworks on WickedHalo.com
  • 2009- Featured interview on Fashion Magazine which is a leading monthly publication in Myanmar. 
  • 2009- Interview by MWD3 TV Channel in Myanmar: discussions on digital artworks and advanced techniques which could be applied on Burmese art
  • 2009- Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 52, Featured Artworks and Article, Leading Magazine in the UK on Adobe Photoshop’s tools and techniques
  • 2009- Creative Photoshop Magazine #45, Featured Artworks and Tutorial, Leading Magazine in the UK on Adobe Photoshop’s tools and techniques
  • 2009- Featured in a book titled “Three Generations of Myanmar Women Artists”
  • 2008- Magazine Cover Art for Fashion Magazine, US
  • 2007- Featured in a book titled “Three Generations of Myanmar Women Artists”
  • 2007- Featured on Colourful Ladies Event on MRTV4 TV Channel

Past Exhibitions:
  • 2010- Blue Wind Group Show, National Museum, Pyay Road, Yangon
  • 2010- Kant Kaw Group Show, Lanmadaw, Yangon
  • 2009- Golden Arrow Group Show, Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisan Organization’s Central Showroom, Yangon
  • 2008- Wreck the Hallz, Group Art Show, Genuine Artikle Gallery, New York 
  • 2008- Bake Sale, Group Art Show, Genuine Artikle Gallery, New York
  • 2008- Big Bad Scene Autumn Party Group Art Show, London, UK
  • 2007- WINGS (Group Art Exhibition), Fifty Women Artists, Lokanat Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar
  • 2007- The Colourful Ladies (Group Art Exhibition), Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisan Organization’s Central Showroom, Yangon

Schedule Up-coming Solo Exhibitions: To be announced...
  • Currently working hard on my online art courses.  Please sign the emailing list on top of the sidebar to be updated with my latest show announcements and news.  Thanks!

  • Member of Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisan Association 


Shwe Thiri Khit was born in 1986 in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, and stayed and lived there up until 2007. A born artist, drawing and sketching on any available surface got her into occasion trouble ever since she could a pen! "Since a relatively young age, I have found happiness and fascination in canvas sheets and crayons." she explains.

She dedicated all her energy into traditional art, where she was producing many works of both watercolours and oil paintings. She has studied fine art under the tutelage of renowned artist Daw Nwe Nwe Yee between 2005 and 2007. Then she expanded her activities into applications such as Adobe Photoshop and tools in multimedia production.

"I have become a lot more passionate about digital art," she says, "because the thing I like most is that I can create the artwork as soon as the idea is conceptualised without taking much time, whereas it could have taken a lot of more time with traditional art. When I started using Photoshop, I used many of its photomanipulation tools and got the feeling that Photoshop was such a magic tool."

Having studied Philosophy at university has been helpful in creating art pieces which are highly descriptive with thoughts.

With regards to her favourite works so far, she admits that Tea Party is her favourite: "I have a particular attraction towards a dark style, because I believe all human beings have a dark side inside us, and my art represents that. Nearly all of my artwork involves female characters, which is a representation of my feminist views on life."

Artist Statement:

In my life, one can see that art plays a very vital role which is also full of meaning.  I have always enjoyed the feeling of turning thoughts from pen to paper, paint brush to canvas and lately as graphics in my laptop.  

The appearance of my work has been impacted by our cultures, music, human, environment and other sources that we interact on a day to day basis.  Moreover, being dark and very illustrative, the artworks also convey narratives of each story behind each work sometimes featuring the artist (myself) within the artworks.   That means the figures of my artworks become mirrored reflections of some of my feelings, experiences and messages from elsewhere. 

Symbols such as tiny insects (spiders and flies), teacups and etc play their roles in communicating with the audience with visual language.   To be more precise those symbols help telling the story.

Typical style of the artworks is not fully Realism but more of a blend with graphical style.  The images look so striking when they are well played within contrasts of realism and graphics.  For example, body, face, skin, tiny spiders and flies are displayed with realism whilst hair and clothing are displayed on a graphics style.  Such displays inspires the audience to want more and make them feel like their thirst is not quenched even after drinking.


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